Captain Thom Hooke

After completing his Bachelors in Microbiology and Masters in Photography, Thom worked in Advertising in Chicago and raced Sailboats on the Great Lakes. Eventually moving to Seattle establishing himself there, while still shooting Nationally. Work and family eventually brought him to the S.F. Bay Area.

One of the early adopters of Digital Photography, Thom was contracted to open a Digital “in house” Photo Department for a Major Publisher in the mid-’90s.  When that project was over he returned to full-time freelance photography and teaching first At Belmont University, then at The Academy of Art SF.

Thom’s love of the water led him to get his USCG Captain’s license.  SF Pilots, Foss Maritime, and Oscar Neimeth are just a few of the many maritime companies he has worked with. Thom is an avid Abalone diver, golfer, sailor, and skier.

Now Living In Lake Geneva, Thom is putting all his skills to work while giving his customers a unique and enjoyable Cruise. Text Now to reserve your time on the Lake.


Q. Are you a real Licensed Captain?

A. Yes I have a USCG License for up to 500 ton Vessels.  Years of experience on the Great Lakes, San Francisco Bay, and even some Pacific Ocean time.

Q.  Do you take Children and Dogs?

A. Yes!  I love Kids and love to watch them have a barrel of Fun.  Dogs are awesome, if yours doesn’t mind the water bring them along.

Q. What if it rains?

A. Weather is unpredictable so if it’s not safe to go out, we’re not going.  Your safety is my main concern.  We can always reschedule or if that’s not possible I will refund your deposit.


Glenworth Estates

This stunning Georgian-style lakefront estate is considered by many to be the most beautiful estate on Lake Geneva.  It was originally constructed in 1906 for Norman W. Harris of the Harris Trust and Savings Bank The spectacular landscaping was done by the Olmsted Brothers, who inherited the nation’s first architectural landscape company from their father Frederick Law Olmsted. Frederick is considered by many to be one of the greatest landscape designers in history. Some of his projects include Central Park, the Capitol Grounds in Washington D.C., and the setting of the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago.

In 1920, this amazing 13 bedroom estate was purchased by Walden W. Shaw, famous for starting the Yellow Taxi Cab Company in Chicago, and renamed The Shenning. By the 1930s, this historic lakefront property was owned by Shaw’s son-in-law, Daniel F. Peterkin, Jr., who was President of the Morton Salt Company. The Shaw-Peterkin family owned the estate for nearly 80 years before it was sold to investment manager Richard Driehaus.

Mr. Driehaus had the property completely restored in 1999, and it is now officially named Glenworth Gardens. You may hear many locals refer to it as the Driehaus Estate. Richard is rumored to be one of the nicest guys in Lake Geneva. A true philanthropist at heart, he regularly lets various charities use the estate for fundraisers and various social events. He Sold this Estate in 2021 for 36 million to Chicago Billionaire Christopher Reyes Chairman of Rosemont Food and Beer distributor.

Every year, in late July, Mr. Driehaus throws an amazing theme party, which includes an incredible fireworks show that the entire community gets to enjoy. He recently donated the fountain in front of the Riviera. Lake Geneva is blessed to have a man of this caliber among its residents.

Interesting Note: The Peterkin Family worked with the Lake Geneva Conservancy to place deed restrictions on the property that would prevent future owners from subdividing the property.


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